2018 Tentative Schedule

MBTCA National & VHTS Tentative Weekend Schedule

Please note, this is NOT set in stone, updates & changes will happen, times will be added


National Specialty – Susie Harris
Sweepstakes – Marcy Bankus

Parent Specialty I – Malcolm Presland

Parent Specialty II – Dale Schuur

VHTS – Linda McGregor – Judge 1
Giselle Simonds – Judge 2
Humberto Lara – Judge 3

Obedience & Rally – Kathleen A. Sweet

Jr. Showmanship – Gayle Denman
Pee Wee Special Event – Gayle Denman

Thursday, 10/18

CGC, CGCA, CGCU, Trick Dog testing Barn Hunt Workshop (outside)

4–6 Month Puppy Competition

MBTCA Parent Specialty II

MBTCA & BTCA Meet & Greet

Friday, 10/19

Raffle Opens

Obedience, Rally

Dental Seminar

Nosework Demo and Workshop

Rally Seminar

Judges Seminar (Judges Only)

4–6 Month Puppy Competition

MBTCA Parent Specialty I

Stud Dog & Brood Bitch

MBTCA General Meeting

MBTC/BTCA Welcome Party (Tickets Required)*

Saturday, 10/20

Van Hildrikhusen Trophy Show

Afternoon Session

VHTS Finals Egghead Competition

Top 20 Competition

Costume Contest ???

Raffle Closes

BTCA Banquet (Tickets Required)*

Sunday, 10/21

Pee Wee Special Event

Jr. Handling

National Specialty & Sweepstakes

Best Puppy

Best Bred-By

Best Veteran