Meet & Greet

 Thursday, October 17th

After a hard day of barn hunt, nose work, and dog showing, join us for a scrumptious Mexican buffet   (cash bar) 


Friday Afternoon, October 18, 2019, Crystal Ballroom in the Galveston Hilton 2:45-6:00 pm

Dr. Battaglia is a renowned researcher, lecturer, AKC judge of over 40 breeds, and author, with articles appearing in magazines around the world.  He has served on numerous AKC committees and was involved in creating their DNA program.

 This seminar includes and combines the principles of structure and movement and how to code structure the faults and virtues in pedigrees.

Topics will include the following and more:

  • The principles of movement standing and in motion

  • How to analyze and code the Stick Dog pedigrees for the seven structural parts of a dog

  • The parallel movement on the same side of the body

  • Traveling in the same plane

  • Two straight columns of support

  • Single tracking

  • Correct crops and tail sets

  • Lay-back and lay-in of shoulders

The following items are for pick-up during Nationals weekend.  Please bring Paypal receipt.

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