“Hildie” Eligibility and Guidelines

The MBTCA wishes to encourage and honor people who train, work and play with their dogs and, therefore, honors Miniature Bull Terriers earning performance titles from the categories listed below with a club award, with the following restrictions:

  • The applicant must be the dog’s owner or co-owner of record who is also the dog’s primary trainer and must be a member of the MBTCA at the time of application.
  • The achievements in the Conformation category are only honored provided the dog has already earned at least one performance title.

It is the owner’s responsibility to notify the Performance Committee of their dog’s eligibility for awards and to provide verification. By July 1st, copies of the official records of achievement must be sent to the Performance Committee Records Clerk (Janis Dolphin, 45851 Iversen Road, Gualala, CA 95445 (707) 884-3590 dogwood@mcn.org) for recognition that year at the National Specialty held in the fall.

Categories of Qualifying Achievement

The following categories of achievement include a points system in an attempt to recognize the difference in relative difficulty in training for and earning the various titles and also to recognize the historical uses of the breed, e.g. rodent hunt titles are more heavily weighted than herding or coursing titles. For calculating the points for either award, only the points of the most advanced title earned in any one sport are to be counted. The points assigned to titles are relevant only when applying for the Hildie or Hildie Excellent Versatility awards.

Citizenship: 1 1/2 Points Maximum

NOTE: Citizenship titles or certifications alone are not considered performance titles for the purpose of Hildie Award qualification but are required IN ADDITION TO the requisite performance titles. However the Citizenship achievements are eligible for a club performance award and the assigned points may be included in the total points required for the Hildie awards.

Canine Good Citizen: 1 Point
Canine Good Citizen Advanced: 1 1/2 Points
Canine Good Citizen Urban: 1 1/2 Points
Therapy Dog Certification: 1 Point
Temperament Tested: 1 Point

Obedience/Rally/Freestyle: 4 Points Maximum

Sub-Novice titles: 1/2 Point
Rally Novice: 1 Point
CD/Rally Advanced/Novice Freestyle: 2 Points
Graduate Novice/Pre-CDX: 2 1/2 Points
CDX/Rally Excellent/Intermediate Freestyle: 3 Points
Graduate Open/ Pre-Utility: 3 1/2 Points
UD/RAE/Advanced Freestyle and above: 4 Points

Agility: 4 Points Maximum

Novice level titles: 2 Points
Open level titles: 3 Points
Excellent level titles: 4 Points
Masters level titles and above: 4 Points

Earthdog/Barn Hunt: 4 Points Maximum

JE/RATN: 2 Points
SE/RATO: 3 Points
ME/RATS and above: 4 Points

Therapy: 4 Points Maximum

AKC Therapy Dog: 3 Points
MBTCA Therapy Dog: 4 Points

Nose Work/Tracking: 4 Points Maximum

ORT: 1 Point
NWI /Element Specialty Level 1: 2 Points
NW2/Element Specialty Level 2/TD: 3 Points
NW3/Element Specialty Level 3/TDX and above: 4 Points

Conformation: 2 Points Maximum

Championship: 2 Points
Grand Championship: 2 Points

Coursing: 3 Points Maximum

CA: 1 Point
CAA: 2 Points
CAX: 3 Points

Flyball: 3 Points Maximum

Novice Level: 2 Points
Open Level: 2 1/2 Points
Excellent Level: 3 Points

Weight Pull: 3 Points Maximum

UWP title: 1 Point
UWPCH 2: Points
UWPCHX: 3 Points

Herding: 2 Points Maximum

Instinct Certified: 1/2 Point
Other titles: 2 Points