Strange but True Facts about MBTs

Did you know …

Miniature Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers are the only dogs in the canine world with egg-shaped heads and triangular eyes. Both features are written into the breed standards for each breed.

target-retail-dogFamous bullies include Bullseye, the Target dog (a Miniature Bull Terrier); Spuds McKenzie, the 1980s spokesdog for Bud Light; and Willie, the constant companion of Gen. George Patton. Bull terriers are stars in movies (“Frankenweenie,” “Babe: Pig in the City,” “The Incredible Journey,” “Space Buddies”) and on social media — Marc Jacob’s bully Neville has 195,000 Instagram followers and Rafael Mantesso’s whimsical photos of his bully, Jimmy Choo, have 603,000 followers on Instagram, nearly 42,000 Facebook fans, and sold millions of books!

Bullies “talk”! Many of these smart and highly social dogs make a variety of throaty sounds — not growls or barks — that express their state of mind. It’s not a learned behavior; it’s something that comes naturally.

For some reason, bullies do weird things with their legs. Many prefer to sit sideways on their haunches in a pose known as the “bully sit.” When lying on their stomachs, a bully will almost always splay his legs behind him — “frog legs.”

Rocky, an MBTCA rescue, demonstrates the classic bully sit.
Grizzly [Minotaur Dark Side of the Moon] shows off his frog legs stance.











And sometimes, a bully will maintain frog legs and drag himself across the ground instead of walking. This is the “commando crawl” or “land swimming.”

Another unique bully behavior is the “hucklebutt,” a sudden full-speed sprint around the yard or house, usually in a circle or repeating pattern. The dog may slam into obstacles — trees, furniture, humans — and just bounce off and keep going until spent. A variation occurs on beds (usually freshly made) or couches, with the dog leaping and spinning in circles. It’s an expression of the bully’s innate joy and humor.

At the opposite end of the behavior spectrum is trancing, or “ghost walking.” In certain situations — often walking under a tree or bush where leaves brush their backs — bullies will begin to walk very, very slowly with their eyes glazed over. There’s nothing wrong with the dog. She’s just kind of … blissed out.