MBTCA Specialty Show Calendar

This is not a complete list of events! Check back periodically for updates. To find AKC-sanctioned shows and events near you, check the AKC Event Calendar.

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Denotes MBTCA Specialty Show. All dates 2017 unless otherwise stated.









event iconJan. 5closedDesert Empire Terrier Club of CaliforniaCarolyn AlexanderBrian BogartJack BradshawIndio, CAResults
Jan. 6closedDesert Empire Terrier Club of CaliforniaBob ThomasBecky MartinJack BradshawIndio, CAResults
Jan. 7closedDesert Empire Terrier Club of CaliforniaGayle DenmanJack BradshawIndio, CAResults
event iconJan. 8closedKennel Club of Palm SpringsDavid AlexanderJack BradshawIndio, CAResults
Jan. 18closedTerrier Association of OregonSusie Kingsley HarrisKimarie WolfOnofrioPortland, ORResults
Jan. 19closedTualatin Kennel ClubRobert SteinOnofrioPortland, ORResults
Jan. 20closedTualatin Kennel ClubRobert SteinOnofrioPortland, CAResults
Jan. 21closedDog Fanciers Association of OregonD. Bruce FraserOnofrioPortland, CAResults
Jan. 22closedTualatin Kennel ClubDr. Steve KeatingOnofrioPortland, CAResults
event iconMar. 3Feb. 15Bull Terrier Club of Central ArizonaCarl PewRay Moran
OnofrioPhoenix, AZResults
Mar. 4Feb. 15Superstition Kennel Club (MBTCA-supported)Desmond MurphyOnofrioPhoenix, AZResults
Mar. 5Feb. 15Superstition Kennel Club (MBTCA-supported)Robert MyallOnofrioPhoenix, AZResults
event iconMar. 10Feb. 22MBTCA SpecialtyDesi MurphyRay SharpMBTCAWentzville, MOResults
event iconMar. 11Feb. 22MBTCA SpecialtyAlison IbbitsonKim BebbMBTCAWentzville, MOResults
event iconMar. 12Feb. 22MBTCA SpecialtySusan MurphyMBTCAWentzville, MOResults
April 13Mar. 29Northern California Terrier AssociationVictoria CorseMB-FSacramento, CAResults
April 14Mar. 29Northern California Terrier AssociationRay SharpMB-FSacramento, CAResults
April 15Mar. 29Sacramento Kennel ClubAlison IbbitsonMB-FSacramento, CAResults
April 16Mar. 29Sacramento Kennel ClubSkip GreaneyMB-FSacramento, CAResults
May 5Bull Terrier Fanciers Association
Seaway Kennel Club
Paula Pressler-TashMJNThorold, ONTResults
May 6Bull Terrier Fanciers Association
Don Cherry Trophy
Claudia SharpPhil BrodeurMJNThorold, ONTResults
May 7Bull Terrier Fanciers Association SpecialtyRay SharpMJNThorold, ONTResults
May 26May 10Illinois Valley Kennel ClubPhil JaspersOnofrioBloomington, IL
event iconMay 27May 10Corn Belt ClubDale SchuurChristine SchuurOnofrioBloomington, IL
May 28May 10Illinois Valley Kennel ClubDavid AlexanderOnofrioBloomington, IL
May 29May 10Corn Belt Kennel ClubCarolyn AlexanderOnofrioBloomington, IL
event iconJune 2May 17MBTCA Independent SpecialtyPhil BrodeurMB-FWrentham, MA
event iconJune 3May 17Ladies Dog ClubMary RemerShane HolmesMB-FWrentham, MA
June 4May 17Ladies Dog ClubMelanie WhitehairMB-FWrentham, MA
event iconJune 23June 7MBTCA Parent SpecialtyLynne MyallBradshawIrwindale, CA
event iconJune 24June 7Great Western Terrier AssociationBradshawIrwindale, CA
event iconJune 25June 7Great Western Terrier AssociationBradshawIrwindale, CA
July 22July 5Portland Kennel ClubMB-FPortland, OR
July 23July 5Portland Kennel ClubMB-FPortland, OR
Oct. 6Hatboro Dog ClubMary RemerMB-FMacungie, PA
Oct. 7Devon Dog ShowMB-FLudwigs Corner, PA
event iconOct. 8Sept. 20Montgomery County Kennel ClubSimon ParsonsMarcy BankusMB-FBlue Bell, PA
event iconOct 12-15MBTCA National Specialty and
Van Hildrikhusen Trophy Show
MBTCAModesto, CA